Yin Yoga Teacher Training



Yin Yoga provides nurturing in all realms of our existence: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.  Yin Yoga is known as a quiet, contemplative, profoundly nurturing practice. The physical practice consists of assuming postures that target bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, and the fascial network. Holding poses passively for long periods of time, trains the capacity for sustained focus and mindfulness.  While enduring moderate duress and deep sensation in the body, we maintain a non-reactive mental stance.  Sustaining an open, receptive mode of being, leads to rejuvenation and healing.  Recruiting the breath stabilizes the mind and serves to inspire a connection to the divine. A willingness to allow whatever arises; including feelings and emotions, develops emotional resilience. The orientation towards acceptance and surrender helps down-regulate and calm the nervous system.  As this practice has roots in Chinese medicine, Yin Yoga aims to harness, distribute, and enhance the Chi flow (life force) which fortifies organ health and overall vitality. Students can expect to encounter empowerment, healing, and transformation as they engage with these immeasurably valuable teachings.


This training serves as an introduction to the essential teachings of Yin Yoga. We will examine this form of Yoga from philosophical, theoretical, and practical perspectives.  Through intensive study and practice together, we cultivate the confidence and competence for sharing Yin Yoga as a teacher, as well as encouraging personal healing and spiritual evolution.  Specifically, the course objectives are as follows:

  • Define and put context to Yin Yoga
  • Present Taoist (Yin/Yang) cosmology as a spectrum of potential
  • Outline the essential teachings (purpose / method / benefit) of Yin Yoga
  • Introduce the core Yin asanas
  • Facilitate an embodied experience of the transformation

This training is suitable for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Yin Yoga and broadening the scope of practice with the intent to heal, achieve balance and experience vibrant health. Yoga teachers, dedicated students, fitness professionals, therapists, coaches, healers, first responders and medical professionals will benefit both personally and professionally from this work.  All are welcome!


    • 24 online / live-streaming hours of instruction with Marla
    • 6 hours of self study and peer work
    • Web-based support materials
    • Course manual with Yin Asana posture sheets
    • Complimentary membership to the EMY virtual studio for 6 weeks
    • Certificate of completion (30 hours continuing education credential)


6-week program: April 7 – May12

Thursday evenings: 5:00 – 9:00pm (eastern time)

Course tuition: $675.00 (+HST)

This Yin Yoga training is considered the foundation module and is a prerequisite for further study in Yin Yoga with Marla.  You have the option of accumulating training hours and receive a 100-Hour Yin Yoga Specialty Certification.  Future four-week modules will be scheduled in the new year and topics will include:

      • Yin Yoga: Function and the physical aspects of Yin Yoga
      • Yin Yoga: Subtle energy, meridian system & chakra theory
      • Yin Yoga: Psycho-emotional integration & mindfulness
      • Yin Yoga: Neuroscience and healing
      • Yin Yoga: Enhancement practices
      • Yin Yoga: Retreat Experience



Marla is a versatile and spirited teacher who thrives on entertaining, educating and empowering people through the imaginative fusion of fitness and Yoga. She was named Canadian Fitness Presenter of the Year twice (2002 & 2007) by her peers in the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals. Marla is an authentic expression of her diverse and rich experience in the fields of fitness and Yoga. In the fitness realm, Marla is creatively pioneering the mind-body movement with reverence to the wisdom traditions. As a yoga teacher, her style reflects an appreciation of the principles that govern human performance while encouraging transformation through embodied presence.

Marla is a contributing author to the recently launched Stress Resiliency Program as well as the Group Fitness Specialist Certification Manual for Can-Fit-Pro, she continues to champion career development for fitness professionals internationally. Marla maintains E-RYT® 500 and YACEP® designations with Yoga Alliance.

Many esteemed teachers, styles of Yoga and transformative incidents have inspired Marla’s personal life and career. Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley have had a significant influence on her personal practice as well as the forms of Yoga she enjoys teaching – Yin Yoga, Taoist Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. Her primary interest as a teacher involves accessing and nurturing all dimensions of our humanity through body-based consciousness. Marla continues to study and practice Buddhism and draws extensively from Buddhist psychology in her approach.  Currently, Marla is exploring the impact and potential that neuroscience represents in spiritual practice.

Marla is the owner and director of Empower ME Yoga Virtual Studio & Teacher Training Academy in Ottawa, is guest faculty for Yoga and fitness conferences, and she conducts regular retreats and intensives internationally. Marla is a graduate of the acclaimed Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Training and mentorship program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California. She manages her career through Empower ME Lifestyles based in Ottawa, Canada.

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