200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certification

Enhanced 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Online Teacher Training

This enhanced intensive program will delve a little deeper with special emphasis on human variation, mindfulness, psycho-synthesis, subtle energy and the philosophy of Yoga.

Our current program is FULL and IN PROCESS

The next course begins January 2022

Create your intention to EMPOWER YOUR LIFE now!

Welcome to Empower ME Yoga Teacher Training Academy. Our Hatha Yoga Certification Program meets and exceeds the requirements to become a Yoga teacher as previously governed by Yoga Alliance.  Your primary teacher for this transformative experience is acclaimed yogini, mindfulness teacher, spiritual mentor, and award-winning fitness professional – Marla Ericksen.  This training is appropriate for aspiring teachers, healers, fitness professionals, therapists, dedicated students, and anyone interested in living an empowered life through Yoga.

This journey is conducted completely online.  We are no longer restricted geographically and can connect in meaningful ways virtually grounded in the vast teaching of Yoga.  Our interdisciplinary approach to adult learning encourages living the yogic path authentically while developing an understanding through experience of the broader perspective of Yoga.  The course delivery model of studying over an extended time ensures that students can integrate the teachings more deeply. Candidates will come to realize the transformative nature of Yoga and develop the skills to share the practice as teacher if they so choose. Many people engage this path for self-transformation, evolution, and growth.  Some Yoga professionals repeat their foundation training with a different teacher or school to reinforce, heighten their experience of Yoga from a different perspective. Wellness professionals will elevate their practice for themselves and their clientele.  This course is based on the traditional Hatha Yoga model which addresses the contemplative (meditation), energetic (pranayama) and physical (asana) aspects of Yoga.



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