Trina Lamarre

TrinaIn pursuit of her dream to become a Yoga instructor, Trina found a life long path of self discovery at Empower ME Yoga. Following her 200 hour teacher certification in 2011, she is soon to complete her 300 hour Advanced Studies under the guidance of Marla Ericksen, Sylvie Gouin, Anne Pitman and may other inspiring mentors. In her quest to help others by teaching Yoga, she has learned the immense value of self care. Yoga has become the journey and not the destination she once thought. She believes that taking time to practice Yoga is the greatest gift to self. Her classes are infused with guidance to honour and respect ourselves as we are in this moment and to cultivate an attitude of loving kindness and compassion. She hopes to inspire others to develop a balanced and healthy life through a mindful based Yoga practice.