Nancy Maddams

Nancy-MaddensNancy began meditation practice in 1972 to quiet her hyper active mind, this continues today to be an on going process.  She has over 40 years of Yoga and spiritual practice and still enjoys the beginner’s mind. Nancy has had the joy of teaching hatha yoga, stress relief and mindfulness for 13 years.  Her classes provide safe and supportive opportunities to experience strength and softness, movement and stillness in every body. Awareness, breath and alignment are key principles Nancy offers to enliven one’s body, mind and heart.

As both a teacher and continuing student Nancy studies Yoga and Ayurveda with master teachers and programs both nationally and internationally.  She is certified in Somayog, Hasya (Laughter) yoga and Yoga for the Heart and views yoga as a “lifelong practice to discover/uncover one’s true self.

“Stilling the mind, uniting body, breath, mind, heart and spirit offers a pathway to one’s innermost self- an endless source of love, joy and peace.”