Class Yoga classes range from a gentle practice to a powerful flow of poses to a relaxation experience. All of our classes will guide you to find a deeper connection with body, mind, heart and spirit. We encourage you to develop a strong foundation while exploring variety and balance in your practice through working with different teachers and styles of yoga.

This class combines yoga postures and deep tissue massage using five-inch massage balls, four-inch spikey ball (don’t worry the spikes are soft) and foam rollers.  This class provides an amazing deep tissue release and is the sort of thing that all professional athletes are incorporating into their training regimes.

Not sure what chakras are, or how to incorporate them into your practice? This class is for you. Using a Hatha Yoga based approach, we will awaken our Chakras through Mantra, Meditation and Movement. Each class will have a specific Chakra focus, with every 8th class being dedicated to the entire system of chakras. Suitable for all levels.

For this time period we open our studio to allow anyone who would like to meditate to come and sit.  While there is no formal instruction, there will be a karma yogi (volunteer teacher) there to hold space and offer guidance if necessary.  We offer the community meditation on a donation basis and the monies collected go to the Empower ME Yoga Scholarship Fund.  This fund helps pay for yoga education and studio classes for those who may not otherwise have the means to pay for these programs.

This is a class designed to empower you from the inside out! You will mindfully navigate a hatha yoga class with the intention of nurturing the trinity of your human endowment – mind, body & heart. Join this class regularly to connect with and embody the bright essence that you are! This class is suitable for all levels of yoga enthusiast.

Feel fully alive in an unhurried experience of yoga. “Infinite time and no ambition”: based on the work of Vanda Scaravelli, Embodied Yoga is a somatic practice, creating space for reflection, release and rejuvenation, by following the body instead of working against it. Come home to yourself through this gentle and mindful practice. (This class is trauma sensitive)

An all-levels flow sequence that will release tension in the hips of desk jockeys, fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all walks of life. Participate regularly to ensure hip mobility, core stability, flexibility and strength leading to an elevation and ease of well-being.

The term Hatha Yoga is used to describe classes in which traditional or classical Hatha poses or asana’s and breathing exercises (pranayama) are taught in each class.
The emphasis is on working deeper into the position through principals of alignment, breath and awareness. Poses are sequenced by the teacher to open the body in a progressive and safe way. This class is suitable for all levels of yoga enthusiast.

A great class for new students or those wanting a more relaxed approach to Yoga. This class includes instruction in the basic techniques of meditation (focus), pranayama (breathing) and asana (postures). The intention of this class is to gently stimulate, relax and rejuvenate the body, calm the mind and connect to what matters most in life. This class is suitable for all levels of yoga enthusiast.

An active yoga class based on the Iyengar Yoga method with the main focus on mobility, stability, and strength. Optimal for students who already have a yoga experience and are wanting to deepen their practice in a friendly & supportive environment.

A Hatha class that infuses yoga postures with a wakeful, attentive and intimate mood of exploration. This mindful approach to practice elevates the benefits derived from Yoga through an awakened union of breath, body and mind. Suitable for everyone.

Qigong often referred to as Chinese Yoga has been around for thousands of years. This style – known as Sheng  Zhen – is a very heart opening practice and is experienced as a moving meditation.  It is practiced both sitting in chairs and while standing.

Michael often calls this class “where in the world is my pelvis?” It’s all about pelvic alignment and supported stretches using blocks, bolsters and stretch bands. This class has a therapeutic approach to Yoga… it’s all on the mat and is accessible to everyone.

Join us for a gentle yoga class that balances and stabilises your life force.  In this class, we combine a slow, fluid sequence of postures with some passive poses that are held for a longer period of time… an awesome way to begin your day.

Strength, stability, flexibility, energy, vitality, balance, equanimity, focus and integrative calm describe the benefits you receive from these classes. You will be challenged and inspired to release tension and explore your full potential with intelligent and caring attention to detail. Every movement is sequenced with the breath, and every sequence is a progression that stimulates your entire body in a manner that is receptive and invigorating.

Combining “yang” movement with the quiet practices of Yin. A practice that will leave you balanced, invigorated, relaxed & grounded all at the same time.

Yin Yoga has become known as the ‘quiet profound practice’. We hold poses passively for a longer period of time. This style of practice stimulates the energy-rich connective tissue of the body while developing mindful awareness. Yin practice is a valuable and necessary complement to stronger forms of yoga, fitness and sports as well as a being a powerful antidote to stressful, busy lifestyles.

A series of Yin Yoga postures followed by a period of guided meditation. This practice combination is particularly calming and tranquil.

Combining the best of 2 quiet practices… the quiet and profound experience of the held poses from Yin Yoga  mixed with the soft and surrendered postures of a Restorative Yoga practice.  A great way to unwind.

This class expands upon the concepts of the Restore & Align class into a broader repertoire of the yoga postures. It is still a gentle practice, but goes a little deeper into the exploration of mind, body and heart integration.

Have you ever gone to a yoga class and felt unsure about what you were doing?  Or struggled in a particular pose, and wished you could make more sense of it in your body?
Yoga From The Inside Out may be just what you’re looking for! In this class, we’ll look at traditional yoga poses with new eyes, to figure out how to make them work best for your particular body.  You’ll learn how to engage your muscles in an effective way, to breathe more fully, and to work with your busy mind.  The goal is more freedom and more ease in all ways.

Shake up your practice perspective and challenge yourself with this yoga inspired class that combines the elements of fitness and flow.

Using a stability ball as a prop is a great way to introduce play into your Yoga practice.  The ball helps make more poses accessible, is form of support, helps you find depth in a pose and offers a variety of challenges to explore.  As we only have 10 balls, we recommend that you pre-register for this class to ensure you have a spot.  If you have your own ball, bring it along… BYOB!

This class is designed to help you integrate your day and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.  The teacher will draw from practices such as mindful flows, restorative postures, guided meditation, breath work, yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and contemplative reflection to help you relax and unwind.

Blend the best of fitness and mindfulness practice. This Yoga-inspired functional fitness class focuses on multi-dimensional mindful movement patterns to work your core, develop your balance, improve your posture and have fun! Reinforcing correct movement patterns, make you stronger and help you perform day to day activities with greater ease while reducing the risk of injury and pain. With the various equipment you will get your body moving safely and effectively leaving you feeling energized for the rest of your day.